Al Romaithi 2019

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi was the setting for a campaign launch that could change the face of football in Asia.

Flanked by children, Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, was preparing to introduce a manifesto that promises to clean up and unlock the potential of the world’s biggest football continent. It has one clear slogan –  Make Football Fair.

HE: “Times change. Values do not. My promise to you is that the values of integrity, transparency, fairness and respect will infuse each and every policy and pledge that make up this manifesto.”

So confident is the Presidential candidate that he will deliver on his promises, he is offering to quit if he doesn’t succeed.

“If I cannot deliver I will step down from 6 months to one year. I am not there to live lavishly as a President, because I am not gong to take any money form AFC. I don’t need anything from AFC. I am there to work hard and improve our game in Asia.”

Football has been a lifelong passion for Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, and now he wants to help the younger generation benefit from his leadership. With the establishment of a $320 million fair fund for the development of football across Asia, all children in the region would be able to dream of playing at a World Cup.

“Fair is to treat everybody with equality. No difference between Laos and Japan. No difference between Bhutan and Saudi Arabia. They are all the same, and that’s the way I have worked all my life and the way that I am planning to work if I reach that chair.”

Al Romaithi has already shown this year his outstanding leadership skills, playing a key role in the organisation of the Asian Cup. Many football fans around the region will be hoping that on April 6th he is elected to lead them, and make football fair.