Al Romaithi 2019

Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi Visits 3 Countries In 4 Days On His AFC Presidential Campaign Tour

AFC presidential candidate Al Romaithi’s campaign gathers swift momentum as plaudits pile up after inspirational first four days

True to his word, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) presidential candidate Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi has hit the ground at high speed visiting China, South Korea and Japan in the first four days of his historic campaign to finally ‘Make Football Fair’ across the world’s biggest continent.

The pioneering UAE football leader’s message that it is time to clean up and unlock the potential of Asian football has already hit the mark in these powerful markets.

“I am very impressed,” Chung Mong-Gyu, president of the Korean Football Association (KFA), told Al Romaithi at a meeting in Seoul on 10 March.

“I respect what you have done for football and admire your manifesto.”

With China Football Association (CFA) acting president and vice minister of sports Du Zhaocai and Kozo Tashima, president of Japan Football Association (JFA) both impressed by Al Romaithi’s ground-breaking pledges, it’s been a lightening fast start for the UAE man.

“I am feeling good,” Al Romaithi said with a smile. “It’s a long battle, of course it won’t be easy, considering that AFC only gave us one month to campaign, but I am confident.

“There hasn’t been anything like this before in the history of the AFC. It’s the first time anyone has presented a manifesto like this and the first time anyone has travelled the continent to explain messages of reform.”

Among a raft of in-depth initiatives aimed at increasing investment, upping participation levels for all ages groups and genders and dramatically improving the independence and integrity of football administration across Asia, several key pledges stand out.

As president of the AFC Al Romaithi will:

  • Create a $320 million ‘Fair Fund’ for the development of football across Asia
  • Invest a minimum of $2million every year in every AFC Member Association – 25% of which must be ring-fenced to fund the development of women’s football
  • Establish annual competitions for all national age group teams U14-U23

Next up, the Chairman of the General Authority for Sports in the UAE travels to Hong Kong as he continues to spread his vision of a football future for all in Asia.

“I want every boy and girl from every nation, every faith and every age to have the chance to play football and one day dream of lifting the World Cup,” Al Romaithi said.